This Is Your Year to Come to the Thrive! Conference!

19 Apr 2017

The 2017 homeschool conference season is upon us, and with it comes the big one here in North Carolina. The Thrive! Conference comes loaded with great speakers and vendors, a dance, a talent show, a graduation ceremony, new friends and fellowship, and many activities that will fill your heart with wonderful memories. What great stories you will have for the ride home!

Like many other families, our crew eagerly anticipates this annual trek to Winston-Salem for three days of non-stop action. We simply love it; we really can’t imagine not doing it. I remember attending my first homeschool conference and how it changed my life and allowed me to see the big picture of homeschooling. Since that time, Lorie and I have been to the NCHE annual conference every year. Each one seems to bring us just what we need to inspire and equip us for the upcoming year.

Once they have attended, many homeschool families return year after year, but if you have never been to the Thrive! Conference in Winston-Salem, I encourage you to make this the year to find out what it is all about! Mark your calendar for May 25-27, 2017.

Together, your NCHE board of directors, and especially the conference committee—all volunteers—spend thousands of hours each year planning the Thrive! Conference with the singular goal of blessing you and your family in your homeschooling journey.

When Lorie and I first started homeschooling, I had no interest in attending the NCHE conference. I thought it was just a place to go buy books. When I finally went, I saw there was much more to it than I ever imagined.

Here are a few important, yet practical, things you will get from attending the NCHE Thrive! Conference this year. While you can buy curriculum via the Internet, these are things you can experience only at the conference.

Vision—Get the big picture! If you are new to homeschooling, seeing thousands of people, some of whom have driven hours to get there, changes your perspective on homeschooling. As you interact with others, hear their stories and meet their kids, you realize you are part of something big. You begin to evaluate the vision, the why behind your homeschooling. Is it just academics or is there more? At my first conference, some of the men helped me develop a vision for why we were homeschooling. Likewise, we want to help you develop your family’s vision. That vision for why you are doing this and what you want for your kids will be an anchor when the waves are tossing your homeschooling boat.

I love for dads to come to the conference and get the big picture vision for their family. My experience has been that mom and the kids love it when dad is involved. We intentionally bring in some speakers each year who can help dads get the big picture. I encourage you moms to do what is needed to get your husbands to the conference. It can change the direction of your family like it did ours.

Inspiration—Anyone who tells you homeschooling is easy is not being truthful. I can assure you that Satan does not want you loving and leading your kids, and he especially doesn’t want you teaching them about how to walk with the Lord. God calls believers to come together for fellowship and to encourage each other in well-doing. When you come together with other like-minded people on the same journey, you can’t help but get inspired to keep going.

Wisdom—God’s Word instructs the older men to teach the younger men and the older women to teach the younger women. Sometimes it is not age, but experience. Going to the NCHE conference gives you personal access to older, or maybe just more experienced, men and women speakers and other homeschoolers who can coach you and help you along the way.

We have great featured speakers this year, as well as many more experts leading subject-specific workshops.

Perspective on Curriculum—A vendor hall can be a very intimidating place. Choosing curriculum can certainly be confusing. At the Thrive! Conference, we provide experienced moms and dads to help you choose what is best to meet the needs of your children based on age, learning style, learning challenges, etc. Also, in the vendor hall you have the opportunity to interact with experts on the curriculums you might be considering.

Fun—Gathering with like-minded folks who are on the same journey is just plain fun. Each year we meet new friends and are glad to catch up with those we haven’t seen since the year before. At the Thrive! Conference, we place a strong emphasis on fun. There is a cotillion-style dance, a game night, a talent show, sports tournaments, alumni socials, funny speakers and other activities that add to your enjoyment.

Whether you are new to homeschooling, or all the way to homeschooling high schoolers, the Thrive! Conference has just what is needed to Equip, Encourage and Connect you to success in your homeschooling journey. On the Thrive! Website, you can find much more information, including how to register. Go to the website now and get started! I can promise you from experience; it could change your life!


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