Totally Au-some Homeschooling

This group was created to relay information and resources specifically related to homeschooling Autistic children of all ages in our McDowell County and surrounding Western North Carolina areas.

Here, we homeschool while continuing to educate and bring awareness of the answers that are out there for accommodation, inclusion, self-advocacy, compassion and understanding instead of pity or intolerance.

Here, we are safe from the ogling stares, the whispers behind our backs, the ridicule, the bullying, and the verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. Here, we support each other. We aren't freaks of nature. We are people and have feelings and dreams like everyone else. We are the same human beings. We live, laugh, love, and hurt just like everyone else.

We invite you to take a stand with us and choose to ADVOCATE TO EDUCATE.



Area(s) Served: 
McDowell County, Marion, and surrounding WNC counties